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IPI Handbook
Please review this handbook and complete the final section. These documents can either be emailed or printed and mailed to the address on the final page.   
Intake Book 
The Intake Book will be used during the first lesson for each new student. It explains the initial intake visit and baseline measurement procedures. Please download, review and print this manual. 

Please note that certain sections are listed separately, such as the "Policies and Procedures" page. These sections should be completed by you or the parent, guardian or client for each intake and baseline visit. Download and print these documents as needed. 

1. Click below to download the IPI Handbook and W-9 form
*Complete and return all required forms
Getting Started
After you have completed the application process above, Innovative Piano, Inc. may contact you with information regarding  new students. At that point teachers can download the following material to begin instruction. 
1. Click below to download the Intake Interview Sheet.
2. Click below to download the Policy Page.
3. Click below to download the Optional Baseline Song.
4. Click below to download the Intake Session Checklist.
5. Click below to download the Intake Instructions.
Data Sheets
Required Documents
Articles by Mr. Young
Path 1
*Beginning with Book 5, teacher directions are gradually included on the song pages as opposed to a separate instruction section. 
Path 1
Path 2
*Beginning with Book 5.1, teacher directions are gradually included on the song pages as opposed to a separate instruction section. 
Path 2
Path 3
Path 3
Teacher eBooks
eBook 1
The Young Method Book 1
Songs and Pieces from The Young Method Series
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Only use the Multiple Student Policy form if you are providing multiple lessons for one client. Contact IPI if you have any questions.
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Quick and Easy Bank to Bank Transfer Payments
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To recieve payments from IPI, please email an image of your voided check to:
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All digital records of your check are permanently deleted after processing. A single, paper copy is maintained in our records for the duration of your contract at IPI. Your privacy is our priority.