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"I have been a teacher for Innovative Piano since December, 2008, during which time I have fallen in love with this program. I truly believe that Innovative Piano is inspirational as I have seen so many children benefit in many aspects from their positive experiences."
 Piano Teacher
Joining in 2016, Dr. Carina Tiotuico joined the faculty of Innovative Piano, Inc., a school providing specialized music education for autistic children. Innovative Piano is unique in that it provides its teachers with students, allowing teachers more time to focus on each individual student, rather than searching for new students. With this “learn by doing” approach, their teachers gain valuable experience working with students of all ages. Payments are always punctual, and packages of teaching materials are delivered to each teacher. For Carina, Innovative Piano is valuable, not only for kids, but for teachers, too. Like many of Innovative Piano’s teachers, she has been given multiple teaching opportunities, allowing her to share her love of music with others. 

   In Carina’s words, “I recommend Innovative Piano highly- they provide an outlet for autistic children to learn music and express themselves. I am thankful to have students who have improved immensely over the past few months, and look forward to what the next year will bring. I urge anyone wanting more information to go to www.innovativepiano.com.”

Dr. Carina Tiotuico
 IPI Piano Teacher