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Frequently Asked Questions
Where does Innovative Piano offer piano lessons?

We offer lessons throughout the United States. Innovative Piano specializes in finding, training and pairing qualified teachers with families and organizations. If you are interested in having a teacher use The Young Method to help your student learn the piano we encourage you to contact us and let us know. 

I may be interested in having more than one student receive lessons in my home or at a teacher’s studio. Is there a discount for this?

Innovative Piano does offer discounts for multiple students receiving lessons from a family or organization. This is considered on a case by case basis. 

What educational/professional background do the teachers of Innovative Piano have?

Considering the broad spectrum of individuals with autism and other special needs that we serve, our teachers have a diverse educational and professional background. In general, our teachers have experience in ABA, piano education and/or Music Therapy. All of our teachers are provided The Young Method Piano Instruction Series, which combines ABA and classical piano style teaching methodologies. IPI also offers a unique certification program to our Teachers. For more information on specific Teachers near you contact IPI here.

How long does each lesson last?

Each studio or in-home lesson lasts 30 minutes. If, after using this standard time frame for lessons, it is determined your student would benefit from a differently structured system, the duration and cost of the lesson will be adjusted to reflect this change. 

Can my son or daughter benefit from this program? 

While we can not state that every student will be successful with this form of piano education, it is important to note that The Young Method was designed for and first implemented with moderately to severely challenged students with autism. One of the goals of this program is to highlight flexibility and offer a more individualized system of piano instruction to all students. Due to the practice of collecting data associated with this program, teachers and parents will also have a clearer understanding of how effective The Young Method is at teaching their son/daughter.   

How much does each lesson cost? 

Innovative Piano offers a range of lesson fees to represent the many areas that we provide specialized piano education services. Click here to learn more about lesson pricing as well as other important benefits of our piano instruction services and products. 
The first, introductory lesson is provided at no cost to all clients. 

What if my child is sick and misses a lesson? 

Parents and teachers are required to provide at least 24 hours notice of a missed lesson. Illness and unforeseen absences will, of course happen and will be considered on a case by case basis. You will receive a detailed Policies and Procedures form during you free introductory lesson. 

I don’t own a piano or a keyboard. How can we get started?

We suggest that you purchase a relatively inexpensive electronic keyboard to begin your student’s piano lessons. More expensive keyboards (including those which have “lighted keys”) are not recommended. A 61 key electronic keyboard is sufficient.  As detailed in the Policies and Procedures form it is required that our clients have a piano or keyboard available to the student in order to practice and receive instruction. This is true for both in-home and studio based lessons.   

Can I pay for my lessons with a credit card?

What are the benefits associated with my child learning the piano? 

Certain studies reflect that playing the piano offers benefits to all learners associated with an increase in fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, the ability to focus for extended periods of time, and math skills. Benefits of specific relevance associated with students with autism include; the addition of a structured activity to the student’s home/school activity schedule, a future increase in social and community interaction e.g. recitals, musical groups, performances, a socially acceptable form of ‘self-stimulation’ resulting from manipulating the piano. The piano has also traditionally been recognized as a stepping stone to the introduction of other instruments as well.  

What if my child is not making progress? 

Due to the objective analysis of the performance data recorded, you or your teacher can clearly determine whether or not your child is making progress. A unique aspect of The Young Method is that, based on these data, the student can proceed to a book that will make the material more difficult or more clear. If your child is not meeting the performance criterion detailed in the manual they will proceed to a different Path of Instruction which will help make these concepts easier to understand. 

What is The Young Method?

The Young Method is a series of piano instruction manuals which combine ABA and classical piano education style instruction. To help students understand concepts such as reading music, supplemental materials are also included with each song book. These include various teaching boards, flash cards and workbooks. To objectively determine how best to proceed with instruction, these manuals clearly indicate how to record data on the student’s progress. The ultimate goal of each Path of Instruction used in The Young Method is to help the student proceed to typical style piano instruction material. 

What is ABA? 

ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is the design, implementation, and evaluation of environmental modifications to produce socially significant improvement in human behavior.  ABA includes the use of direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relations between environment and behavior. ABA is an objective discipline, it focuses on the reliable measurement and objective evaluation of observable behavior. There is a wealth of validated and peer-reviewed studies supporting the efficacy of ABA methods to improve and sustain socially significant behaviors in every domain, in individuals with autism. Importantly, results reported include "meaningful" outcomes such as increased social skills, communication skills academic performance, and overall cognitive functioning. These reflect clinically-significant quality of life improvements. While studies varied as to the magnitude of gains, all have demonstrated long term retention of gains made. 

How will “errorless teaching” help my child at the piano?

Errorless teaching is the process of reducing the chance that a learner will make a mistake by providing the answer as part of the teaching process. These prompts are systematically faded or removed as the student’s performance data indicates that they understand the concept. This method is ideally suited to many individuals with autism because it is a very visual way to learn otherwise abstract concepts such as reading musical notation. 

Book 1 seems easy for my student, will the books get harder? 

Some students may find the material in Book 1 less challenging. Considering the difficulty most students have with learning a new instrument - this should not be troubling. This also allows teachers and parents the opportunity to reinforce the student’s progress and make the piano more of a fun activity.  Early frustration due to comprehension challenges is a common pitfall when learning any instrument. After completing Book 1, most students will use between 5 and 6 future books - resulting in a matriculation to typical style piano instruction material. Each of the books in The Young Method will gradually become more difficult (or lead to more difficult books), ultimately presenting them with a typical style song and instruction format.  

Can I purchase the books separately and try it on my own? 

Yes. It is recommended that if you decide to implement the system yourself you should have a basic understanding of ABA and/or piano instruction. Each manual will explain new ABA and piano education techniques used but a history with at least one of these fields is recommended. 

What is the return policy?

If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase please return the entire contents (in its original state) within one month of your purchase to: 

Innovative Piano, Inc.
6225 Westbrooke Drive
Salisbury, MD 21801

When I purchase The Young Method, will I receive assistance in implementing it? 

Yes. Your purchase of any book in The Young Method entitles you to free customer support. Please direct any questions you may have to: 


Do I have to record data on my student’s performance with The Young Method?

It is highly recommended that you do collect data on your student’s performance. This only needs to be done once a week. Without these data it will be difficult for you to accurately determine what instruction book they should proceed to.  

Referral Program
What is Innovative Piano’s Referral Discount Program?

Innovative Piano is now offering its clients the opportunity to reduce the cost of lessons by referring a friend to us. When you help spread the word about our program and the family/client that you refer begins instruction with us, you will receive a 5% discount on each of your student's lessons. You can refer up to two parties for this program resulting in another 5% off each lesson. 

How long will I receive the discount(s)?

After successfully referring a client, you will receive the discount for up to one year or until the client you have referred discontinues lessons through Innovative Piano. 

Who represents a “qualifying party”?

Please refer to our more detailed explanation for a definition of who a qualifying party represents. 

What exactly will be done with my referral’s information? 

Innovative Piano holds your privacy and the privacy of those you refer to us in the highest regard. We will contact your referral with the information you provide to explain the program and determine if they are interested in receiving lessons through us. Your referral’s information will not be sold or provided to any other party for any reason. 

What is Innovative Piano’s Multiple Student Discount Program?

IPI wants more people to play the piano! If you should decide to have another individual receive instruction (at the current location lessons are being provided) through IPI we will discount the cost of each student's lesson fee!
  • 2-5 students -------------  5% off each client's lesson fee
  • 6-10 students ------------ Another 5% off each student's lesson fee
  • 11 or more ---------------  30% off all IPI Teaching Materials
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