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Meet Our New York Teachers
Locations I am willing to serve: Throughout the Hempstead, Long Island area

Bio: I have completed my Master degree in piano performance from NYU. I am currently teaching music and piano playing in the school part time, and performing the piano publicly in the special occasions. I enjoy my teaching jobs and looking for serve more students; so I can pass down my passion to the next generations.

My philosophy of education includes three points of views. First, prepare students to function in a global world through playing the piano, singing songs and appreciation for music. Second, foster creativity in students and helping them find their passion in playing the piano. Third, build confidence in students. Currently, I am also teaching special students in the school system, I found that they cultivate the love in singing songs, playing instruments and gained so much confidence in themselves. As a concert pianist and educator, my desire is to use my teaching experiences and my solid education foundation to help many students in learning music. I truly believe that playing the piano helps children becoming well-rounded people in our families, communities and county.

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