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Meet Our Virginia Teachers
Locations I am willing to serve: Throughout the VA area

Bio: I have taught many different classes and played various instruments in many different ensembles and settings. I have taught students between the ages of four and eighty-five years of age. I have taught pre K-12 and college. I am a proficient educator and I relay, through my methodology, a system of learning with minimal frustration and maximized student success. That is my primary reasoning for joining Innovative Piano, Inc.  ABA style piano lessons, I believe, I can effectively teach and guide students towards learning music and at the same be enjoyable. I am adept and respectful of diverse learning styles and encourage the best of each student. I can develop any student’s ambition and efforts into successful musical endeavors.       

I have 18 years of experience in the Music and Education. My time has been combined and/or divided between performance, classroom instructing, supervision and project management. Upon graduation from Central State University I continued to study with the professors there to gain more musical knowledge. I have received credit in over 170 music classes. I studied with some of the greatest musicians there are, for ten years as I pursued my musical destiny. The combination of classroom, administration and performance has proven most beneficial to me and my students. 

 I attained my M.Ed. in leadership and supervision at Antioch University. There I learned how better apply my teaching methods for more beneficial outcomes. There is where I become aware of the need for teachers in Special Education. I learned about the needs of gifted and challenged students. My most current assignments have afforded me the opportunity and privilege of continually working with Autistic Students. I have also served as a Music instructor (General Instrumental and vocal) PreK-5 to include Music Therapy and Music Intervention assignments for special need students. 

 During the last three years I have served four Long Term assignments to include; Lead Instructor of SPED/MIPA; FLS, Functional Life Skills Prek-5. My various duties have included implementation of Student IEPs ranging from mild to significant emotional, behavioral and physical challenges and disabilities; to include daily monitoring and logging data indicative and descriptive of gains, regressions and daily routines of each student. Integral components of my duties included implementation of Parent Involvement and “hands on” care/provision and one to one instruction and supervision.  

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