Manual 2.1 
  • Part of an Errorless Teaching Methodology
  • Extensive Teacher directions
  • Over 30 pages of songs and exercises! 
  • Designed for Therapists or Piano Teachers
Manual 2.1 of The Young Method Series is designed to help students with musical note reading while introducing new and fun pieces. Featuring large and clearly defined letters and notes, Manual 2.1 will focus on:

  • pairing labeled musical notes to specific piano keys
  • correct right hand fingering concepts
  • helping students focus on the relevant material
  • introducing ABA style instruction 
  • basic piano education concepts
  • Correct fingering
Download eBook 2.1 of 
The Young Method Series
The Young Method Series eBooks have been designed to mirror the ABA style piano education material in traditional manuals - while creating a new and user-friendly experience. 
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  • Interactive Design
  • PDF Format for multiple platforms
  • Helps Students generalize skills
  • Print Performance Data Sheets
  • Mobile, Space Saving and Eco-Friendly
  • Save Time
The ability to 'jump' to any song in this eBook gives instructors more time to teach and assess. 
  • Save Space
Each condensed eBook PDF file can be accessed seamlessly in Teachers' tablets and e-readers. 
  • Zoomable Pages
Zero-in on certain areas of each page to let students more clearly grasp concepts and musical notation.