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  • Part of an Errorless Teaching Methodology
  • Extensive Teacher directions
  • Over 30 pages of songs and exercises! 
  • Designed for Therapists or Piano Teachers
Manual 2 of The Young Method Series will introduce correct fingering, more fun songs and important exercises. Featuring large and clearly defined letters and notes, Manual 2 will focus on:

  • learning Treble Clef notes
  • working appropriately at the piano 
  • correct fingering in the right hand
  • continuing positive reinforcement schedules 
  • adding limited distractions
  • Introduce correct fingering
HomeAbout UsLessonsTestimonialsMeet Our TeachersThe Young Method
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eBook 2
Download eBook 2 of          
 The Young Method Series
  • Interactive Design
  • PDF format for multiple platforms
  • Helps students generalize skills
  • Print Performance Data Sheets
  • Mobile, Space Saving and Eco-friendly
Manual 2 
The Young Method Series eBooks have been designed to mirror the ABA style piano education material in traditional manuals - while creating a new and user-friendly experience. Below are a few of the advantages and benefits of eBook 2 of The Young Method Series. 
  • Save Time
The ability to 'jump' to any song in this eBook gives instructors more time to teach and assess. 
  • Save Space
Each condensed eBook PDF file can be accessed seamlessly in Teachers' tablets and e-readers. 
  • Zoomable Pages
Zero-in on certain areas of each page to let students more clearly grasp concepts and musical notation.
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