Paths of Instruction
The Young Method is unique because teachers use data collected on the student's performance to determine which book to use next.

If the student has challenges comprehending the material the manuals will adjust to the student to help make the concept more clear.
Supplemental Material
Each Book in The Young Method includes a set of unique supplemental material, designed specifically for your student. These materials also adapt to the learner as they progress through the system. With your purchase of Book 1 you will receive:
a manual/song book with over 60 pages of instruction
a token board
a note reading teaching board
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Token Board
Treble Clef Board
Errorless Teaching Methodologies
Specialized Data Sheets
Extensive Teacher Instructions
Over 40 pages of song pages!
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A Fun Way To Motivate Your Student!
Removable Velcro pieces included
Start using a delayed reinforcement system for your student
A visual way to understand music notation!
Easily removable prompts
Piano Key Letter prompts included
Teach the 'lines' and 'spaces' of the
Treble Clef right away!
Includes both word and letter prompts for non-readers
Book 1
Book 7
Treble Clef Board
Treble Clef Board
Treble Clef BoardTreble Clef BoardTreble Clef Board
Treble Clef Board
"His mom carried him over to me kicking and screaming, “no piano!”… Then, I showed him the chart (token board) with colorful badges and he started to get interested…He played each page perfectly with no mistakes and he kept wanting to do it again…"
Piano Teacher

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Book 1
Token Board
Piano Instruction Series
The Young Method
The Young Method
Book 3.2
Manual 1
Manual 1