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Bio: Zura is a pianist, composer, educator, lecturer, music producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Sakartvelo (the republic of Georgia).
Zura showed interest for music very early in his childhood. When he was only a year old, he would baby-walk to piano and bang his hands on keyboard to make sound. Zura started formal musical training relatively late at the age of nine. After few years of learning, he became the gold medalist at the 11th Konzerteum International Piano Competition and was awarded the Most Promising Young Talent Prize. At the age of sixteen, Zura was invited to travel to Paris where he gave a recital and participated in a classical music broadcast on Radio France.

In 2010, Zura emigrated to the United States to study at Boston Conservatory at Berklee with full scholarship under the tutelage of world renowned pianist and teacher Michael Lewin. During his college years, Zura became winner of the Wilfred Churchill Piano Competition and two-time consecutive winner of the Alfred E. Lee Piano Competition.

While an undergraduate student, Zura was one of the few recipients who received nearly 100,000 US dollars in grants from the Ministry of Education of Georgia. During his sophomore and junior years at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Zura’s trio (two pianos and a saxophone) was awarded prestigious Davis Peace Project Grant for two consecutive times. These awards enabled Zura and his group to travel to Columbia and Macedonia and give free master-classes, private lessons and concerts in numerous cities and towns.
Zura has concertized in the United States, Colombia, England, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Ukraine. He has performed concertos with Georgian National Philharmonic Orchestra, E. Mikeladze Symphonic Orchestra and Perugia Symphonic Orchestra.

In 2016, Zura graduated the prestigious Juilliard School with Master of Music Degree under the tutelage of world renowned artists Matti Raekallio and Jerome Lowenthal. While at Juilliard, Zura was one of the few graduate pianists selected from the entire school through jury-audition process to take part in the final round of prestigious Gina Bachauer Piano Competition.

Along with being a concert pianist and performer, Zura is an active educator and piano teacher. Zura’s teaching philosophy is largely influenced by celebrated Russian tradition of music teaching and his students have a privilege to draw from Zura’s immense experience as a virtuoso keyboard player. With his students Zura shares countless tricks and shortcuts about piano technique, counterpoint, music theory, ear training and creative thinking. Zura firmly believes that his holistic approach to teaching music and piano benefits students’ general intellectual and creative capabilities which, besides music, apply to many different subjects and fields of life. Zura has given lectures and open master classes in state universities and schools in the United States, Colombia, Macedonia and Georgia. Since moving to the US, despite a busy travel schedule, Zura maintains a small studio of talented and motivated students.

Zura is a former competitive swimmer, passionate about literature and an avid chess player.

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