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“This summer it will be a year since my son    started learning the piano using your program. He really loves his music lessons; every week he is waiting for Tuesday – music day with Chrissy! It wasn't easy for us to find something that would work with his PDD-NOS. He absolutely loves Miss Chrissy and enjoys working with your books and…he is so proud to advance…” 
 HoHoKus, NJ
"I just wanted to let you know how successful my piano lesson…was yesterday thanks to your method!! I have only had 2 previous lessons with my student…he was running away from the piano over and over, not wanting to play anything except banging on the keys and I was getting discouraged…His mom carried him over to me kicking and screaming, “no piano!”… Then, I showed him the chart (token board) with colorful badges and he started to get interested…He played each page perfectly with no mistakes and he kept wanting to do it again… he was perfectly behaved for 20 full minutes (he just turned 5). I feel like I finally got through to him and I know he is going to enjoy his piano lessons a lot more now (and so will I)!!"
 Piano Teacher
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"Allison ... has been giving our daughter piano lessons these past three months.  These lessons have been very good for _________.  She is responding well, and on occasion, would even voluntarily practice her lessons.
 __________ has bonded well with Allison and we are quite happy with the lessons and fully expect her to be able to express herself through the piano in the course of time.  We are also sure that if she finds a means of expressing herself, it would help with her overall progress with life-skills.
Thank you for putting us together with such an excellent teacher as Allison."
Sam & Malathy 
 Parsippany, NJ
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"This seminar was very helpful to me. It really helped me to know that everyone really does learn at different levels...It also helped me to consider that my students might understand topics, but lack the mechanism to explain through expressive language. I feel more confident in my abilities to teach children/students with special needs." 
 Piano Teacher
"My son, ________, is a student of Innovative Piano for close to two years.His instructor is Mr. Arnold.  I cannot tell you how piano lessons have impacted my son's life.  I am so fortunate to have found InnovativePiano for him.  I thank you for giving my son the gift of music.  Not to mention, Mr. Arnold, who has the patience of a saint!"
 Rochelle Park, N.J.

"I have been a teacher for Innovative Piano since December, 2008, during which time I have fallen in love with this program. I truly believe that Innovative Piano is inspirational as I have seen so many children benefit in many aspects from their positive experiences."
 Piano Teacher
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"Music saved me. This statement best summarizes the impact piano lessons had on my life. I am on the Autism Spectrum (Aspergers) and as a child I didn’t have any friends in school. ADHD made school difficult as well (losing papers, not doing homework, etc.) Life was hard.

Then I started taking piano lessons and discovered that I was good at it. I have since completed 5 college degrees (three in music and three MAs), which is miraculous considering that college wasn’t on my radar while I attended high school.
Fast forward to today where I give private lessons and compose music."

 Piano Teacher
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"I can't say enough good things about Innovative Piano. It's an ABA style of piano lessons geared toward autism, but I think it's a great way to learn piano for anyone. It was perfect for my son."
 Potomac, MD
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 “I recommend Innovative Piano highly- they provide an outlet for autistic children to learn music and express themselves. I am thankful to have students who have improved immensely over the past few months, and look forward to what the next year will bring. I urge anyone wanting more information to go to www.innovativepiano.com.”

Dr. Carina Tiotuico
 IPI Piano Teacher
We love working with Ron in Brooklyn. He is not only a great pianist, but has tremendous compassion and patience for children with special needs. Our son runs with joy to the piano room. And the whole experience is uplifting for us parents as well. We can focus on progress and applaud. We look forward to lessons every week!

 Brooklyn, NY 
“My son Ivan (6 y.o.) is a student of Ms. Carina. Since Ivan started having lessons with Ms. Carina he had tremendous progress. He now often comes to a piano by himself and starts playing.
Ms. Carina is a wonderful, patient person who loves our son and we look forward to continuing having lessons with her. "
 New York, NY
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“Dylan has been loving his lessons and his teacher. I am so glad we connected and continued on this journey.” 
 Brooklyn, NY