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Child Playing the Piano
  • Where does Innovative Piano offer piano lessons?
    IPI offers lessons throughout the United States. Innovative Piano specializes in finding, training and pairing qualified teachers with families and organizations. If you are interested in having a teacher use The Young Method to help your student learn the piano we encourage you to contact us and let us know.
  • How long does each lesson last?
    Each studio or in-home lesson lasts 30 minutes. If, after using this standard time frame for lessons, it is determined your student would benefit from a differently structured system, the duration and cost of the lesson will be adjusted to reflect this change.
  • How much does each lesson cost?
    Innovative Piano offers a range of different lesson types to help you design a ABA piano lesson schedule that works. We offer individual lesson rates as well as discounted monthly subscription rates. In adddition to this, we offer a multiple student discount for schools, organizations and clients wishing to have more than one student take lessons with IPI. For a complete list of rates and booking details see the link below. The first, introductory lesson is always provided at no cost to all of our clients.
  • I don’t own a piano or a keyboard. How can we get started?
    We suggest that you purchase a relatively inexpensive electronic keyboard to begin your student’s piano lessons. More expensive keyboards (including those which have “lighted keys”) are not recommended. A 61 key electronic keyboard is sufficient. As detailed in the Policies and Procedures form it is required that our clients have a piano or keyboard available to the student in order to practice and receive instruction. This is true for both in-home and studio based lessons.
  • How will “errorless teaching” help my child at the piano?
    Errorless teaching is the process of reducing the chance that a learner will make a mistake by providing the answer as part of the teaching process. These prompts are systematically faded or removed as the student’s performance data indicates that they understand the concept. This method is ideally suited to many individuals with autism because it is a very visual way to learn otherwise abstract concepts such as reading musical notation.
  • Ebook 1 seems easy for my student, will the books get harder?"
    Some students may find the material in Book 1 less challenging. Considering the difficulty most students have with learning a new instrument - this should not be troubling. This also allows teachers and parents the opportunity to reinforce the student’s progress and make the piano more of a fun activity. Early frustration due to comprehension challenges is a common pitfall when learning any instrument. After completing Book 1, most students will use between 5 and 6 future books - resulting in a matriculation to typical style piano instruction material. Each of the books in The Young Method will gradually become more difficult (or lead to more difficult books), ultimately presenting them with a typical style song and instruction format.
  • Can I purchase the Ebooks separately and try it on my own?
    Yes. It is recommended that if you decide to implement the system yourself you should have a basic understanding of ABA and/or piano instruction. Each manual will explain new ABA and piano education techniques used but a history with at least one of these fields is recommended.
  • When I purchase The Young Method, will I receive assistance in implementing it?"
    Yes. Your purchase of any book in The Young Method entitles you to free customer support.
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