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Featured ABA Piano Teacher - Cassandra

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Cassandra graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Music (Classical Vocal Performance) and has 16 years experience as a pianist. While in school, she honed her craft with a professor from Juilliard School. She has performed an array of genres, ranging from classical to theatre to contemporary repertoire.

Cassandra is a firm believer that music helps us become better people. When words fail, music speaks, and the more we know about ourselves, the easier it is to understand each other. Cassandra has taught for several music academies as well as privately for the past 6 years.

Throughout that time, she has instructed over 90 students, ages ranging from 5-50 years old. She teaches German, as well! When Cassandra is not teaching, she is a certified flight instructor, training to add extra ratings to her license.

It is important to Cassandra to create an enriching and fun environment for each student. She prioritizes incorporating the fundamentals and proper technique within each lesson, while also making learning fun through engaging pieces and concepts.

Location: Addison, TX

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