Cynthia Oest

Milltown, New Jersey

Offering In-Home Lessons

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Cynthia Oest

Cynthia Oest [aka Cindy] is a dynamic and innovative piano teacher with an extensive background in applied behavior analysis. She has been working with children with special needs for more than 20 years. She received the majority of her ABA training at the Carbone Clinic in Rockland County, NY and earned a bachelor of science in Fine Arts with a concentration in music from Long Island University, CW Post Campus.

Cynthia has been working in various settings using the principles of ABA in clinical and classroom settings, as well as teaching piano. One of Cynthia’s strengths is using what she has learned from working in ABA to individualize, and customize her piano lessons to meet the needs of each individual student. While each lesson is planned and a goal is set, Cynthia assesses and adjusts within each lesson to maximize each student's interest and progress, based on each student's ability and need.

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Piano Class

Evidence Based

  • Understand exactly how your student is doing

  • Record performance data with specialized data sheets

  • Use included "Progression Paths" to analyze data

  • Set clear goals to reach 

  • Learn how to adjust your appraoch based on objective data

The Young Method is an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) based, individualized approach to learning the piano. Depending on how your student scores, they can proceed to different levels of manuals. These levels are refered to as Paths in this series.