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Innovative Piano, Inc. was created in 2006 by Mr. Jeffrey Young, President and Founder of the organization. The Young Method is sold worldwide and we provide piano lessons to families and organizations across the United States. These materials use basic, ABA style teaching techniques such as shaping, positive reinforcement and the systematic fading of prompts. Both ABA and classical piano style techniques used are clearly explained in each manual. The core goal of Innovative Piano is to provide effective piano instruction to individuals by using ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) style methods.

This system was first developed in a private school setting, with a limited number of students with special needs. At this time I was working as a Behavioral Therapist, focusing on positive reinforcement and helping my students with everyday challenges. While working with these children with Autism, I soon began to focus not on their challenges but on their strengths. It became clear to me that with the correct use of Applied Behavior Analysis style teaching methods and classical piano instruction these
children would be able to play the piano.


After meeting with overwhelming success with these students I decided to bring this to the public, and attempt to teach piano in the homes of families throughout my area. While there was, of course, some introduction of this method into the home of the school children I originally taught, I had no idea if this would be successful in the broader sense. How would a student with Autism respond to a piano teacher coming every week and placing these demands on them? Would I be able to help train the parents or teachers on how to institute this method?


I'm pleased to say that with the dedication of the students' families and ABA professionals that work with these students the progress has been phenomenal and continues to astound me. It soon became clear to me that this needed to become available on a larger scale and I was prompted by the many families around the country who expressed great interest in this program to make this accessible to them through this series.

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 Innovative Piano
 A Brief Introduction 
by Mr Jeffrey Young

"It became clear to me that with the correct use of Applied Behavior Analysis style teaching methods and classical piano instruction these children would be able to play the piano."

Student playing the piano

"I have found that factors such as reinforcement, their individual rate of progress through the system and an overall acknowledgement of their special needs are paramount ."

While these materials are meant to help any student learn how to play the piano, keep in mind that each student is different and individualized attention is required. I have found that factors such as
reinforcement, their individual rate of progress through the system and an overall acknowledgment of their special needs are paramount.


After bringing this system to the public it became even clearer to
me that an individualized approach was essential to my students' success at the piano. What this means is that, although every one of my student's have played the same songs you will use in these
eBooks, I have individualized them to best fit that particular student. This may mean reducing the amount of notes on a page, or withholding the introduction of certain concepts, like fingering, until
the student is ready.


This aspect of my teaching program has caused some concern for me, since integrating the materials and procedures I use into book form might compromise these very important factors. To compensate for this, the series will lead your student down a “path” of instruction. The beginning lessons of these eBooks represent a starting point at which these concepts can be introduced and taught to. As your student goes through the series, keep in mind that this represents the progression I make for each of my students.


Generally speaking, there will soon be more notes on the page and fewer and fewer prompts will be needed. When your student does well, they will move on through the levels and other concepts will be introduced. If progress is hindered, my experience has been that there is one of two reasons for this: a student's comprehension challenges or behavioral challenges. Our role as teachers is to recognize which of these factors is stopping their progress and take the proper steps to deal with these issues.



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