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ABA Piano 

Evidence based piano instruction for your child

While IPI Teachers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, they all share the ability to combine the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the core concepts of piano instruction to help your student succeed. 

ABA uses positive reinforcement and performance data to determine how best to proceed. You will have a clear understanding of how your child is doing at the piano based on the objective data recorded by your IPI Teacher. 

In later stages, your IPI Instructor may fade out these techniques so that your piano lessons will be more typical in nature. 

Playing Piano


Offering In-home, Studio Based and School Lessons

IPI Teachers will travel to your home, provide lessons in their private studio and/or travel to your school to deliver ABA piano instruction. After a baseline measurement and introduction to the program, your Instructor will design an individualized plan for your student(s). 

IPI offers piano lessons across the nation! If you can not find a Teacher near you please let us know and will find one.

Piano Class