The Young Method is an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) based, individualized approach to learning the piano. Depending on how your student scores, they can proceed to different levels of manuals. The goal Path 2 of The Young Method Series is to gradually challenge your student with more notes on each page, more complicated pieces, illustrations and distractions as well as fun and engaging exercises. Since your student has not yet mastered reading musical notation, note letter prompts will remain in most of the songs.


eBook 2.1 of The Young Method Series will introduce correct fingering, more fun songs and important exercises. Featuring large and clearly defined letters and notes, eBookl 2.1 will focus on:


  • mastering the Treble Clef notes
  • working appropriately at the piano 
  • correct fingering in the right hand
  • continuing positive reinforcement schedules 
  • adding limited distractions


The Young Method Series eBooks have been designed to mirror the ABA style piano education material in traditional manuals - while creating a new and user-friendly experience.




Data Sheets


Twinkle, Twinkle


Round the Bend

Exercise 1

Up and Down

Piano Keys Exercise



Piano Keys Exercise

Exercise 2


Tisket Song

Reading Music

Salt and Pepper


Row Your Boat

The Young Method - eBook 2.1