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Meet ABA Piano Teacher - Hannah

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I have been teaching piano since I started my undergraduate education at Queens College. There, I wrote my own composition and performed with the chorus at various locations, such as Carnegie Hall. After earning my Bachelors, I continued teaching, and completed my graduate studies. Since I acquired a Masters in Music Education from Queens College, I have enjoyed using the various methods which I learned there. I have added many of my own, based on experience.

My greatest motivation in piano instruction is to inspire all children to play various genres of music successfully and with confidence. I aspire to find songs that interest students, so that I can ensure that the proper steps are taken little by little for accomplishment. In my experience, students respond well to positive reinforcement, productivity and encouragement. I enjoy finding the most efficient methods for students of all levels and with particular goals, and promoting creativity through the process!

Location: Elmhurst, NY

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