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The IPI Bass Clef Board is a one-stop, reading sheet music multi-tool. This teaching board can adapt to your learner by adding or removing prompts and distractions.


These 8 Treble Clef Flashcards are a simple and effective way to gradually introduce more advanced note-reading skills to your student. Once your learner has mastered the Treble Clef Board, The Young Method helps Teachers shape this skill by offering these smaller and more typical flashcards to pair with the eBook series.


Use these products with eBook 3 of The Young Method series for the full benefits of an individualized piano education curriculum. 

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*Path 2 and 3 clients please contact IPI at 

TYM eBook 3 Kit

  • This ABA teaching resource is hand-made, locally in the USA and produced with effectiveness and durability in mind. It was created by Mr. Jeffrey Young, the founder of IPI, in direct response to the needs of his students receiving ABA piano instruction. These materials are not mass-produced and are created individually, by hand and therefore considerations regarding machine-grade quality tolerances were not prioritized in their assembly or design. Taking this into account, if you are unsatisfied with your product, please return it, in good condition, to the address on the packaging invoice and we will be happy to reimburse you. Please note that eBooks and damaged or incomplete items cannot be reimbursed.

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