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The Young Method is an individualized approach to learning the piano. Depending on how your student scores, they can proceed to different levels of manuals. The goal of Path 3 of The Young Method Series is to help make the material covered in eBook 1 clearer and to explore new and more effective ways to help you succeed at teaching your students how to play these pieces.


Each eBook in Path 3 will become less challenging than the previous one for your student.


eBook 4.2 includes several pages of detailed instructions that Teachers should review carefully. This manual will challenge your student with similar style exercises to eBook 1 before gradually reducing page distractions even more. In addition to this, eBook 4.2 will present numerous matching exercises specifically designed to help your student with this series.


As with all Path 3 eBooks, Teachers’ goals at this level are to help the student meet the given criterion so that they can proceed to Path 2. Specialized data sheets are included as well as detailed directions on how to incorporate them into your lessons.

The Young Method - eBook 4.2

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