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 The Young Method
The Young Method

Innovative Piano, Inc. was created in 2006 by Mr. Jeffrey Young, President and Founder of the company. The Young Method is sold worldwide and we provide piano lessons to families and organizations across the United States. These materials use teaching techniques such as shaping, positive reinforcement and the systematic fading of prompts. Classical piano style techniques used are clearly explained in each manual. The core goal of Innovative Piano is to provide effective piano instruction to individuals by using an individualized approach.

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Paths of Instruction 

Paths of Instruction 

The Young Method Piano Instruction Series will help your student by adjusting to his performance level. After using eBook 1 and taking performance data on their progress, you will be able to determine which Path of Instruction that they should use. This unique and evidence based teaching methodology will reduce your student's frustration at the piano and make them more successful. 

  • Book 1 is used as a baseline measurement to see how to start

    • Everyone should start using this series here to best determine how to continue. Most students will find these pieces easy and fun. ​

  • Path 1 is composed of books 2 through 7

    • If the student scores well on both Reading and Playing notes on the piano they will proceed to this Path. Songs will gradually become more difficult, the material will focus on playing with both hands and fading away any prompts from the page. ​eBook 7 will closely resemble typical piano instruction materials that are also available and (after completing eBook 7) students will be able to confidently use these resources.  

  • Path 2 is made up of books 2.1 through 7.1

    • When a student scores well on Playing musical notes on the piano yet, has challenges with reading musical notation, they should proceed to this Path. Path 2 closely mirrors Path 1 except for a few minor changes. ​The end goal of this Path is to proceed to typical piano education materials.

  • Path 3 books comprise books 2.2 through 5.2

    • Should a student have challenges with Playing notes on the piano (or matching the letter prompts on the page to the corresponding letters on the keys) they are prompted to use Path 3. This Path will gradually attempt to make the concepts covered in eBook 1 more clear. If a learner completes book 5.2 of this path without meeting the given criterion it is suggested that they temporarily discontinue piano instruction until a later date. ​

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 How Can TYM Help?
Can TYM Help?

Applied Behavior Analysis involves many techniques for understanding and changing behavior. ABA is a flexible treatment:  

  • Can be adapted to meet the needs of each unique person

  • Provided in many different locations – at home, at school, and in the community

  • Teaches skills that are useful in everyday life

  • Can involve one-to-one teaching or group instruction




Positive reinforcement is one of the main strategies used in this series.

When a behavior is followed by something that is valued (a reward), a person is more likely to repeat that behavior. Over time, this encourages positive behavior change.

Positive rewards encourage the person to continue using the skill. Over time this leads to meaningful behavior change. 

ABA is considered an evidence-based best practice treatment by the US Surgeon General and by the American Psychological Association. 



“Evidence based” means that this series has passed scientific tests of its usefulness, quality, and effectiveness. It includes many different techniques.  All of these techniques focus on antecedents (what happens before a behavior occurs) and on consequences (what happens after the behavior). 

More than 20 studies have established that intensive and long-term therapy improves outcomes for many but not all children with autism.

Positive Reinforcement

What is the Evidence that this works?

Piano Player
 Your Teacher
Your Teacher

IPI Teachers are uniquely qualified to help your child at the piano. Whether your student requires more of a piano teacher, ABA Therapist or both, IPI offers Teachers that can help. Because of the broad spectrum of the individuals that we serve, our teachers come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. A key step in the process of helping your student succeed at the piano is to pair them with a teacher that will fit their specific needs. While each student is unique, their performance data will allow us to shape the lesson plan and challenge them appropriately.

"I thank you for giving my son the gift of music.  Not to mention, Mr. Arnold, who has the patience of a saint!"

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Rochelle Park, NJ

Piano Lesson
Customize Your Program
Your Program

Studio Based Lessons

Travel to an IPI Teacher's studio to receive a piano lesson.

*IPI provides piano lessons to students from several different states.

Contact us to learn more about specific rates in your area. 

In-School Lessons

Have an IPI Teacher come to your school and deliver

individual or group style piano lessons. 

*Contact us for details

Order The Young Method

Purchase Book 1 of our breakthrough piano instruction series and start using it today. 

In-Home Lessons

Have an IPI Teacher come to your home and deliver an individualized piano lesson.

School Training Program

Have an IPI Teacher come to your school and provide training services for select members of your staff

*Contact us for details

Online Certification

Get certified in The Young Method series to become an even more awesome Teacher!  

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