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The Young Method eBook 1 - The First Step

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

As the old sang goes, "Every journey begins with a single step." It turns out, that first step is very important in determining whether or not your student will succeed at the piano or not. Here, we will briefly discuss eBook 1 of The Young Method and how you can get started in this series.

ABA and Errorless Teaching

Imagine that you have decided to take on a new skill today, for swimming. If you ventured out to your first training lesson and the instructor greeted you politely and then pointed to the deep-end of the pool indicating that you jump right in, you would surely be worried.

This absurd example is meant to show that, especially in the first stages of teaching, learners should not be allowed to fail (if at all possible). This will build their confidence, deeply ingrain important bedrock concepts and create a trusting Teacher/Student relationship early on.

Most instructors understand this, yet in this series the crucial question is where should our students begin piano instruction? How many demands should we place on them and what should our expectations be? And, perhaps most importantly, when should we move the learner on in the teaching process?

Performance Data is the Key

Ideally, eBook 1 is meant to allow your student to be successful and still challenging enough to keep their focus. Remember that The Young Method starts with reading musical notation right away which is different from most instruction manuals. Each manual in The Young Method includes piano specific Data Sheets and every other manual will help guide you by including Progression Pages. These first data points will be crucial in helping you determine how your student should proceed.

One of the exciting and unique aspects of The Young Method is that your student can start down different paths (or series) depending on how they perform. This gives Teachers more flexibility and allows students to continue lessons even if certain skills are too difficult at the moment.

Discover The Young Method -eBook 1

To learn more about eBook 1 of The Young Method Series click here.

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