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Featured ABA Piano Teacher - Jelena

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Jelena Cingara is a pianist, piano teacher, and accompanist who works both in USA and Canada, in relation New York City – Toronto. She has a DMA (Doctorate) in piano performance from The University of Utah in USA. During her career she has played in venues such as: Libby Gardner, Dumke, Abravanel hall, and Kenley amphitheatre in Utah, Carnegie Hall in NYC, as well as Arts and Letters Club, Walter Hall, and Ettore Mazzoleni Halls in Toronto.

She is also a passionate teacher with over 20 years of experience of all ages and levels in Canada and USA, on both a University level, as well as RCM:) You can find Jelena’s recordings on spotify, as well as the CBC radio library!

Location: New York, NY


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