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Meet ABA Piano Teacher - Suzanne

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Suzanne has her master’s degree in organ performance music from The Boston Conservatory. and her B. Mus. Degree from McGill University. She is active in the New York City music scene teaching, performing and directing choral ensembles. Ms. McDonald recently returned from Boston where she was Head of the Performing Arts Department at Dexter Southfield School. Previously she taught at The Kent School, a leading prep school. She was head of the choral department, taught music courses as well as piano, harpsichord, organ and directed musicals.

She enjoys teaching all ages and is experienced at creating a curriculum that is personalized for each student. While living in Chapel Hill Suzanne directed a Music Together program. This is an international early music program from parents /caregivers and their young child. Ms. McDonald knows how to make learning fun for the young child. Ms. McDonald has been a judge for the National Piano Guild and is ready to prepare your child for festivals and competitions. She is also experienced in working with children with ADD and children on the autism spectrum. Piano, voice, music theory, musical theatre, organ, harpsichord, are the areas she is ready to teach with patience and skill. Older beginners and rusty musicians are welcome too. Suzanne welcomes students online, in your home or her studio. Manhattan and parts of Hudson Valley.)

Besides teaching, she loves to travel. Her favorite places are Taos, New Mexico and Cuba. VIVA LA MUSICA!

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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