Jeffrey Young

Gaithersburg, MD

Offering In-Home/Studio Lessons

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Jeffrey Young

Jeffrey Young has drawn on his years of ABA teaching experience as well as his classical piano background to develop a breakthrough, evidence-based ABA piano education curriculum known as, The Young Method Series. Mr. Young believes that by designing an individualized and data-driven piano lesson experience, students will see measurable results and have fun as they quickly progress through the material.

While Jeffrey has extensive experience providing private, in-home piano lessons, he has also created and instituted individualized school-based curriculum as well. He has demonstrated that combining basic behavioral psychology concepts such as positive reinforcement, shaping and fading of prompts with a classical piano education style creates a strong and long-lasting foundation at the piano. Mr. Young has objectively proven that students of all learning levels and musical backgrounds can benefit greatly from his approach. His methods are used across the nation by IPI Teachers and his eBooks and ABA teaching materials have been used world-wide.

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Piano Class

Evidence Based

  • Understand exactly how your student is doing

  • Record performance data with specialized data sheets

  • Use included "Progression Paths" to analyze data

  • Set clear goals to reach 

  • Learn how to adjust your appraoch based on objective data

The Young Method is an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) based, individualized approach to learning the piano. Depending on how your student scores, they can proceed to different levels of manuals. These levels are refered to as Paths in this series.